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Durlston Castle in Swanage:

Durlston Castle is a 120 year old Grade II listed building which fell prey to rot, rust and damp. Dorset County Council wanted to restore the building as part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site.

We used Hambleside Danlaw Dryseal System and achieved first class results forming intricate detailing around the masonry abutments, on the stairways, including a spiral staircase, fall arrest system posts and continuity between the roof covering and the lining of an unusual internal rainwater gutter with sundry discharge chutes. Consideration has also been given to the provision of movement between the original and new construction of the project. These details, once formed 'in-situ' with glass fibre matting, tissue, resin and top coat, constitute versatile, robust and durable seals with long life expectancy and are unique. All Dryseal areas have now been finished with timber decking on the stairs and terraces and with stone ballast on the roofs. All in all, this project is one where you can see that the pride of all trades has been paramount and the standard of installation in the roof and terrace coverings in particular is outstanding.


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